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Mon 15 May 2017

Free Audio Recording Video Course

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It is our goal to share as many free ebooks as we can on here and on a variety of topics. Today's topic is related to audio engineering, but more specifically, setting up a home studio.  Take a look, easily one of the best videos we have found on this subject matter:

However, sound studio San Diego, Studio C, has some great reasons why it might be easier to book a session with the pros.  One of the main reasons for not setting up your own home studio is that if you need a demo done quickly, or any other project, you won't have time to learn every tool.  When you book a sound studio, you are booking some top of the line equipment as well.

If you are a musican, then your own home studio makes sense so you can create demos as needed with your friends without everything costing too much.  Once you are ready, then  you can book a recording studio and get the job done.

Happy learning!


Fri 16 December 2016

6 Fun "Brain Debugging" Activities Programmers Can Do to Relax

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Sooo, hello again!  As a programmer, I know that hours and hours of coding and debugging can leave your brain feeling tired and cloudy.  For this reason alone, I came up with 6 fun activities you programmers can partake in to completely break away from coding and your computers and actually destress and have fun.  Enjoy!

Lifting Weights, Jogging, or Body Building

Body building is among the best ways to relieve stress and mental fatigue not only for programmers, but for anyone in any profession. This is in addition to its primary benefit of naturally sculpturing the body to achieve an attractive physique. It will basically involve cardio, nutrition and weight lifting. These activities will challenge your body and mind in interesting ways to the extent that the physical pain will be a non-issue. Body building will improve your overall health by giving you strong core, back, arms and legs. Good nutrition will also play a role in overall health and the exercises will enhance external appearance as well as self-esteem. By the time you leave the gym you will be fresh enough to programme effectively.  Heck, there is nothing like the course of adrenaline rushing through you as you jog on a path outside or are hitting the gym with a buddy!  If this video doesn't inspire you to break away from that hellion computer, not sure anything else can!

Listening to All Types of Music

Listening to music is very therapeutic from time immemorial. After long hours of writing code, programmers should listen to music to relax their brain and regain lost energy. Listening to music is a fun activity that is very beneficial as well because it is an effective therapy for pain, it reduces blood pressure, it is good for the health of the heart, it cures migraines and chronic headaches and functions to boost the body’s immunity. There are so many genres from which to make a selection from as they vary in content, tempo among other factors. All in all, it is an activity that is very enjoyable when you need some relaxing time.  Sometimes, I blast Bethoven while coding even, ha!


What better way is there to unwind and relax than gardening? Consider it as a form of relaxing labor. It is an activity that will give you the much needed quiet moments that you can use to clear your mind and ponder on life’s meaning. The best thing about gardening is that it can be fully enjoyed by persons of all age groups. It will give you the rare opportunity of taking your mind off problems and daily tasks so as to fully concentrate on an entirely different thing. Caring for plants will be overwhelming at the beginning but you will get a hang of it eventually and grow to like each time you will be in your garden. Here are some easy to do balcony gardening ideas for you to do and not too far from your work ;)  Enjoy the sun on your face while nourishing youro plants!


This is a hobby that has gained popularity especially in recent times and for a good reason. Depending on personal preferences and geographical location of an individual, there is a plethora of fishing types to select from. Other advantages of this hobby is that it is not seasonal, it is good for relaxing from the busy modern life and that it can be done alone or with a group of friends. So go and cast out your line and enjoy some fresh air away from codes and computers.


Kayaking is an excellent way by which a programmer can relax and effectively clear their mind. This is because it will be done in the outdoors far away from a computer screen that programmers are so accustomed to. Kayaking is a super fun hobby as it will let your mind wonder as you explore a river or lake. It will also facilitate a workout for the chest and shoulders so that you can gain fitness in those areas. Moreover, it is a thrilling and fun activity that will lift your spirits after mentally tiresome programming sessions.  Also, it is a cheap "hobby" if you search for rentals or check the best inflatable kayak online or in your area on sale.  You can pay by the hour or pick an inflatable kayak up for cheap.  Your call!

Glass blowing

Glass blowing is yet another exciting activity that any programmer can engage in so as to debug after an involving session of programming behind a computer screen. All that is required is to invest in a glass working studio that consists of a torch, metal working table, several graphite tools, some glass, tweezers and a propane and oxygen tank among other few things. These items are not costly and as for the propane and gas tank, its refill frequency will depend on usage. You can start out by making sculptures and beads before proceeding to pipes. The learning curve for this interesting hobby will be aided by self-teaching videos and videos and you will be honing your skills in no time.

Well, my programmers, that should get your brains itching for a break!  The next couple of weekends, I will be planning out gardening, kayaking, as well as lifting weights.  Two activities a day should keep the doctor away!


Mon 05 December 2016

Learn C++ With Free Video

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Hey Ladies & Gents,

It's important to learn some foundational programming languages and programming concepts.  While it may not be "cool" to learn C++, it's actually a great language.  Check it out how we old schoolers did it ;)