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Mon 15 May 2017

Free Audio Recording Video Course

Posted by Stark in misc   

It is our goal to share as many free ebooks as we can on here and on a variety of topics. Today's topic is related to audio engineering, but more specifically, setting up a home studio.  Take a look, easily one of the best videos we have found on this subject matter:

However, sound studio San Diego, Studio C, has some great reasons why it might be easier to book a session with the pros.  One of the main reasons for not setting up your own home studio is that if you need a demo done quickly, or any other project, you won't have time to learn every tool.  When you book a sound studio, you are booking some top of the line equipment as well.

If you are a musican, then your own home studio makes sense so you can create demos as needed with your friends without everything costing too much.  Once you are ready, then  you can book a recording studio and get the job done.

Happy learning!