Coding for Beginners

Presents a road map for anyone, young or old, looking for a way in into the ever-changing world of programming.

Coding for Beginners

Author: Alexander Cane


ISBN: 9781082806292

Page: 186

View: 328

This isn't just any kind of programming book that cramps everything in a 300-page book; there's Wikipedia for that! Coding for Beginners is a road map for anyone, young or old, looking for a way in into the ever-changing world of programming. Instead of overloading you with information that's impossible to process and would likely overwhelm you to pieces, this book guides you through exactly the projects you want to do, and how you can successfully turn these ideas into functionally coded projects. What You'll Learn in This Book: Definitions of all the programming terms you need to care about Should you learn HTML, JavaScript, C#, Ruby, Python, C++? How to decide which programming language to learn and master first Beginner-friendly snippets you can paste in your favorite code editor How to prepare yourself for coding in all aspects from hardware to software to your mindset How to build a basic website Tips and tricks that even seasoned programmers might not even be aware of! Going pro: If you decide programming is a career path you want to take, is a college degree required, or a total waste of time? Who Should Read This Book? If you're already a programmer, this is your chance to buy and gift it to a friend! I wrote this book for people with ZERO coding skills. This is recommended for: Adults switching careers from a non-tech profession Any person with no tech background Teenagers checking out what kind of programming career fits them best Someone looking to dabble in mobile app development or site creation

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