The Life of Your Dreams in 30 Days Or Less

In order to attract your wants and desires into your life, you need to do more than focus intently on something and know that it's possible for you to manifest. You have to have the emotions that bring up your vibration so that you're ...

The Life of Your Dreams in 30 Days Or Less

Author: Cindy Day

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595426220

Page: 96

View: 843

Do you find yourself struggling to make ends meet, wishing money would just flow into your life? Are you in a relationship that's far from the fairy-tale version you once believed in? Have you stopped thinking about your ideal job or career, deciding it was unrealistic and unattainable? This book was written for you! Using real-life examples, this empowering and entertaining guide demonstrates how anything is possible-including the life of your dreams. It teaches us how to easily transform our lives and explains the Law of Attraction, the powerful force behind everything that happens to us. With The Life of Your Dreams , you can immediately start creating everything you desire. Discover the secrets to turning your dreams into reality. Find out how to Create anything you desire in 3 simple steps Instantly change your "luck" Find the perfect partner Have the career you've always wanted Be abundantly wealthy Live the life of your dreams in 30 days or less In The Life of Your Dreams , Cindy easily explains how to apply the principles of The Law of Attraction to have a positive and powerful impact on the rest of your life. Enjoy!-Fabio

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