As I Remember It

I remember how we rehearsed for the Christmas program at school. The teacher,
with the help of the big boys, put up a Christmas tree and made a stage curtain by
stretching sheets on a wire and hanging it along the raised platform where ...

As I Remember It

Author: Esther Irene Imhof

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1412059321

Page: 146

View: 160

''As I Remember It'' is a fascinating account of daily activities of a family in the early 1900's. Esther grew up on the prairie of western Kansas. Having been born in 1914, she and her family suffered some of the growing pains of a new frontier. Hard work, perserverance, and humor saw them through. Her stories provide vivid insight into the pioneer activities of hog butchering, wheat threshing, and chicken and egg production. The humor shared with family and neighbors helped them endure the hard times. Esther tells of many incidents of helpful neighbors; a very necessary element for the survival of early settlers.

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