Beyond Xs and Os

drinking coffee and reading the paper behind those closed office doors; I found out in a hurry that there's a lot more ... My deepest thanks to Tom Berthel, for sharing his own story in Beyond Xs and Os; in doing so, he is helping the ...

Beyond Xs and Os

Author: Thomas J. Berthel

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1628730862

Page: 256

View: 953

Tom Berthel first met Hall of Fame football coach Hayden Fry when, in the mid-1980s, his investment firm, Berthel Fisher & Co., became a corporate sponsor of the University of Iowa Athletic Department. This business partnership not only helped Berthel Fisher establish a winning public image, but it also gave birth to one of the most important and enduring friendships of Tom Berthel’s life. Fry became a mentor and father figure to Berthel, and the wisdom Fry bestowed on him through their mutual friendship taught Berthel invaluable lessons in leadership, motivation, and what it takes to be a winner in business and in life. These are the lessons that form the core of Beyond Xs and Os. In the book, Tom Berthel recounts the many lessons he learned from Coach Fry—some but not all related to football—and explains how they helped shape his life and business. In each chapter, Berthel outlines a specific lesson he learned from Coach Fry, explains how he integrated these philosophies into his business and personal life, and offers advice to help readers apply them to their own lives and businesses. Each chapter also features a special “Postgame with Coach Fry” sidebar written by the venerable Coach Fry himself, in which he reflects on the events and lessons depicted in the chapter and offers a deeper perspective on each, enriching the lesson.

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