Christianity and Family Law

[Family law] deals with one of the happiest parts of human existence – the rewards of life among the people who love us most, and whom we love most. Yet law, much more than economics, the dismal science, deals with people in some of the ...

Christianity and Family Law

Author: John Witte, Jr

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1108247490


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The Western tradition has always cherished the family as an essential foundation of a just and orderly society, and thus accorded it special legal and religious protection. Christianity embraced this teaching from the start, and many of the basics of Western family law were shaped by the Christian theologies of nature, sacrament, and covenant. This volume introduces readers to the enduring and evolving Christian norms and teachings on betrothals and weddings; marriage and divorce; women's and children's rights; marital property and inheritance; and human sexuality and intimate relationships. The chapters are authoritatively written but accessible to college and graduate students and scholars, as well as clergy and laity. While alert to the hot button issues of sexual liberty today, the contributing authors let the historical figures speak for themselves about what Christianity has and can contribute to the protection and guidance of our most intimate association.

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