I Don t Want to Be Here Coping With Depression Suicidal Thoughts and Apathy By Finding a Reason for Living

I thought of my two small daughters and decided to stay. With a whoosh, I was
back in my body and began breathing. Since then, I have taken up meditation
and spirit communication. I believe in an after life and my life now has turned

I Don t Want to Be Here   Coping With Depression  Suicidal Thoughts and Apathy  By Finding a Reason for Living

Author: The Abbotts

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1326151568

Page: 164

View: 272

A MUST read for anyone suffering from depression, apathy and has thoughts of suicide. This unique and compassionate book will help you to gain a greater understanding of who you truly are. Learn how to gently lift yourself out of the darkness and into a life full of energy, happiness and personal satisfaction. For those individuals thinking about suicide, learn about the unique role of "Walk-In's." Discover the many opportunities on offer to you, to dramatically reduce the emotional and mental pain that your actions have on your family and friends. Sensitive and understanding.

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