Self Construction and the Formation of Human Values Truth Language and Desire

Truth, Language, and Desire Teodros Kiros. way of life is severely restricted by the arrogant and paternalistic guidelines of the experts of knowledge. Lyotard is instructively right when he exhorts us that metadiscourses of any ...

Self Construction and the Formation of Human Values  Truth  Language  and Desire

Author: Teodros Kiros

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 0313390851

Page: 224

View: 971

This volume presents a theoretical defense of the potential of ordinary individuals to construct values and through them to become self-empowering, responsible participants in a democratic community. Rather than conceiving of power as domination, the author identifies true power as self-empowerment, a notion based on self-construction. He proposes the vision of an authentically free self filled with a compassion that is a composite of reason and feeling. Such a composite self does not consciously manipulate language, truth, and desire to dominate and subordinate other individuals, but uses them to construct values and norms that can enrich others. To support his argument the author draws on both classical and contemporary philosophers, as well as on literary sources.

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