Riding with Strangers

Do they really think that getting into a stranger's car is that much more hazardous than jumping out of an airplane? ... I am glad for my driver's children that they were brave enough to trust their lives to some nylon webbing, ...

Riding with Strangers

Author: Elijah Wald

Publisher: Chicago Review Press

ISBN: 9781569762370

Page: 240

View: 300

This fascinating tale of the author's cross-country hitchhiking journey is a captivating look into the pleasures and challenges of the open road. As the miles roll by he meets businessmen, missionaries, conspiracy theorists, and truck drivers from all ages and ethnicities who are eager to open their car doors to a wandering stranger. This memoir uncovers the hidden reality that the United States remains hospitable, quirky, and as ready as ever to offer help to a curious traveler. Demonstrating how hitchhiking can be the ultimate in adventure travel--a thrilling exploration of both people and scenery--this guide also serves as a hitchhiker's reference, sharing the history behind this communal form of travel while touching on roadside lore and philosophy.

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