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Healing with Light Frequencies
Language: en
Pages: 260
Authors: Jerry Sargeant
Categories: Body, Mind & Spirit
Type: BOOK - Published: 2020-06-23 - Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Access high-vibrational Consciousness Codes to heal your body and mind • Explains how to work with extraterrestrial light frequencies to clear, energize, uplift, and empower your body and mind and speed up the healing process • Offers basic, intermediate, and advanced ways of healing, with step-by-step illustrations, exercises, meditations, and
Healing Yourself with Light
Language: en
Pages: 306
Authors: LaUna Huffines
Categories: Body, Mind & Spirit
Type: BOOK - Published: 1994-09 - Publisher: H J Kramer

A complete method for bringing the healing light of the soul, the Solar angel, and the angelic healers into the physical body. taught in workshops for many years, these easy-to-learn processes have helped thousands to heal and upgrade the cells in their body.
Star Magic: Heal the You-Niverse
Language: en
Pages: 256
Authors: Jerry Sargeant
Categories: Health & Fitness
Type: BOOK - Published: 2016-10-11 - Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Are you ready to love? Are you ready to heal? Are you ready to remember? Star Magic contains Codes of Consciousness that were present on earth in ancient Egyptian times. Jerry Sargeant has, through a series of major life events, reawakened this transformational ancient energy to unleash the full human
Vibrational Healing Through the Chakras
Language: en
Pages: 304
Authors: Joy Gardner
Categories: Body, Mind & Spirit
Type: BOOK - Published: 2014-11-12 - Publisher: Crossing Press

Every life form is made up of vibrations that coincide with the harmonic frequency to which all life is attuned. The vibrations of the body easily go out of tune when a person is exposed to physical or emotional stress. Vibrational Healing Through the Chakras provides the most up-to-date information
The Holy Light
Language: en
Pages: 52
Authors: Daria Kathleen Sherman PhD
Categories: Religion
Type: BOOK - Published: 2016-02-16 - Publisher:

When a person embarks upon their spiritual journey into a higher state of consciousness, a breakdown of epic and unmanageable proportions often occurs. This breakdown can open them up to communion with what is described as a Holy Light. Trauma, and near death experiences were often consistently testified as feeling