If I Could Tell You

I stayed awake waiting for the tent to fall in on me, for the rain to swamp my body and I wondered if I would finally get up when the fabric had closed itself in on my eyes and nose and mouth or if I would just let it be and let it be ...

If I Could Tell You

Author: Lee Jing-Jing

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish International Asia Pte Ltd

ISBN: 9814435996

Page: 197

View: 498

When nothing is really yours, not even the flat you grew up in, just where do you call home? The residents of Block 204 have a few months before their building is torn down, before they are scattered throughout the island into smaller, assigned flats. All of them know they will still be struggling to fit their lives into the new flats years later but no one protests. No one talks about it even as they are slowly being pushed out of their homes. Not Cardboard Lady, an eighty-year-old woman who sells scraps for a living. Not young Alex, who is left homeless after a falling out with Cindy. Not Ah Tee, who has worked at the coffee-shop on the ground floor of Block 204 for much of his adult life, and whose reaction to the move affects his neighbours in different ways. For some, the tragedy that occurs during their last days in Block 204 is a reminder of old violence, aged wounds. For others, new opportunities transpire. If I Could Tell You is about silence, the keeping and breaking of it, and what comes after.

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