There are many reasons to name this wonderful form of touch therapy as I do - Although 'reflexology' in all its guises may use the many and varied reflexes on the body, it is generally accepted by the public that most reflexologists ...


Author: John R. Cross

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1468503499

Page: 72

View: 123

Written in accessible language Light Touch Reflextherapy is a wonderfully illustrated practical workbook for reflexologists and physical therapists who work with the body's reflexes. This pioneering book gives reflexology a complete makeover from the standard approaches of using moderate to heavy massage on the reflexes. This new approach is one of working with the client or patient by utilizing their own built in self healing properties. The book discusses how both acute and chronic conditions may be treated. Treatment of acute pain syndromes uses foot reflexes with acupoints (the author sees no discernible difference between reflexes and acupoints). Treatment of chronic conditions utilizes the reflections of the chakra energy system on the feet, hands, arms and legs. By using the chakras, the author shows how the the aetiology of imbalance may be addressed. A large full colour A1 size poster is available to accompany this book - full details on

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