The Doctor Is In My Success at the Crossroads of Autism and Spirituality

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The Doctor Is In  My Success at the Crossroads of Autism and Spirituality

Author: Dr. Patrick V. Suglia


ISBN: 1304267687

Page: 268

View: 634

This book takes you on a journey through the life and the mind of someone who accomplished what seems impossible for most people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. It takes a rather intimate look at what makes Dr. Suglia tick and how he thinks. At the same time, practical advice is offered for helping challenged individuals to cope and to develop skills that can help them learn and develop. In the final chapters of the book, we examine spiritual yet not religious principles and teachings that Dr. Suglia has come to rely on as a source of healing and managing the stressors of life. Under the guidance of spiritual teachers, his journey continues through much geographical and social upheaval as the spiritual aspects of life give him an inner strength uncommon to most people with autism. Dr. Suglia offers advice to fellow people on the autism spectrum, helping them to discover life through an objective viewpoint while keeping in mind that there is a "bigger picture" to be explored.

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