NATO s Return to Europe

Interestingly, those states that acceded to NATO during its first round of post–Cold War enlargement (i.e., Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic) characterized their joining NATO and the European Union as part of their return to ...

NATO s Return to Europe

Author: Rebecca R. Moore

Publisher: Georgetown University Press

ISBN: 1626164886

Page: 296

View: 234

NATO force posture upon its return to Europe : too little, too late / John R. Deni -- NATO's return : implications for extended deterrence / Schuyler Foerster -- Prospects and options for NATO's enlargement policy to Ukraine and beyond / Andrew T. Wolff -- NATO's territorial defense : the global approach and the regional approach / Magnus Petersson -- Still learning? NATO's Afghan lessons beyond the Ukraine crisis / Sten Rynning -- European security at a crossroads after Ukraine? institutionalization of partnerships and compliance with NATO's security policies / Ivan Dinev Ivanov -- The purpose of NATO partnership : sustaining liberal order beyond the Ukraine crisis / Rebecca R. Moore -- NATO-Russia technical cooperation : unheralded prospects / Damon Coletta -- The Ukraine crisis and beyond : strategic opportunity or strategic dilemma for the China-Russia strategic partnership? / Huiyun Feng -- Conclusion and comment : NATO's ever evolving identity / Stanley R. Sloan

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