Game Set Match

Most of the top pros will play a bad point, but the next point, they're right back in it, whereas the players who are weaker mentally go a game or two before they get it back, and sometimes they're so discouraged with themselves that ...

Game  Set  Match

Author: Charlie Jones

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN: 0740786717

Page: 208

View: 597

Charlie Jones and Kim Doren are rapidly becoming admired authors of sports advice. Following their popular golf instruction book, Be The Ball: A Golf Instruction Book For The Mind, Game, Set, Match gives tennis players everywhere the inside track on how the stars prepare for their games. Many of the biggest names in tennis have contributed their personal advice for this book. Learn from tennis champions Monica Seles and Michael Change, legends Jack Kramer and Rod Laver, coaches Nick Bolletierri and Vic Braden, game analysts Bud Collins and Pam Shriver, and celebrities such as Dick Van Patton and Regis Philbin, who love to play the game. More than 50 contributors in all offer their unique poiners and philosophies about using the power of the mind to become the best tennis player you can. Everyone who is serious about tennis will want a copy of this insightful and inspiring book about the mental side of the game.

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