Women Men and News

If, for example, time becomes a salient dimension and a newspaper is evaluated unfavorably because it is perceived as taking too much time to read, news enthusiasts and news monitors may decide to stop reading it.

Women  Men and News

Author: Paula Poindexter

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135595720

Page: 356

View: 158

This multi-authored scholarly volume explores the divide between men and women in their consumption of news media, looking at how the sexes read and use news, historically and currently, how they use technology to access their news, and how today’s news pertains to and is used by women. The volume also addresses diversity issues among women’s use of news, considering racial, ethnic, international and feminist perspectives. The volume is intended to help readers understand adult news use behavior--a critical and timely issue considering the state of newspapers and television news in today’s multi-media news environment.

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