European History for Dummies

In This Chapter > Following the adventures of the ancient Greeks > Overcoming
Greek hegemony > Meeting Alexander the Great > Building a Republic, Roman-
style If you want to know why historians pay so much attention to ancient Greece,

European History for Dummies

Author: Seán Lang

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119997269

Page: 428

View: 858

A fun, informative guide to Europe’s past and present. The history of Europe is rich, complex, vibrant, and at times violent; it has influenced many countries throughout the world and has itself been influenced by many countries. In the light-hearted European History For Dummies, historian Sean Lang explores the countries, conflicts, people, institutions, disasters, and triumphs that have helped shape modern-day Europe, packing in tons of facts alongside the fun. Chapters range from "Celts without Kilts" and "What a Way to Run a Republic!" to "I Capture Quite a Few Castles," "Reformation Ruckus," and "The War to End All Wars." Sean Lang, the author of British History For Dummies (0-7645-7021-8), is also a history lecturer, examiner, and writer.

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