Detailed Mechanical Design

This new volume presents principles, rules, guidelines, and tips that are useful in designing mechanical parts and assemblies.

Detailed Mechanical Design

Author: James G. Skakoon

Publisher: Amer Society of Mechanical


Page: 216

View: 214

This new volume presents principles, rules, guidelines, and tips that are useful in designing mechanical parts and assemblies. It includes examples of real world, practical ideas that come from successful design experience and which result in superior mechanical design. Special Features: focuses on mechanical design at the detail level; examines high-level principles that have general significance for all mechanical design; describes in depth the basic design practices that will improve the strength, robustness, function, user handling, and manufacturability of parts and assemblies; presents guidelines for electing plastic rubber, and metal materials; includes useful tips for selecting and designing components, such as bolts, nuts, screws, springs, and adhesive joints.

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