The Prisoner of St Kilda

This book reveals, for the first time, how the unfortunate lady was violently kidnapped and transported to the remote islands off the west coast of Scotland, spending seven years on the island of St. Kilda's.

The Prisoner of St Kilda

Author: Margaret Macaulay

Publisher: Luath Press Ltd

ISBN: 9781906817657

Page: 192

View: 301

One shotgun wedding. Two kings. Thirteen years incarcerated."You may be sure I have much more to tell."Lady Grange, letter from St Kilda, 1738Married to a Scottish law lord, Lady Grange threatened to expose her husband's secret connections to the Jacobites in an attempt to force him to leave his London mistress. But the stakes were higher than she could ever have imagined. Her husband's powerful co-conspirators exacted a ruthless revenge. She was carried off to the Western Isles, doomed to thirteen bitter years of captivity. Death was her only release.Who kidnapped Lady Grange? How could this prominent member of Edinburgh society simply vanish? Why did no one try to find her until nine years after the abduction? Based on contemporary documents and Lady Grange's own letters, The Prisoner of St Kilda looks beyond the legends to tell for the first time the true story of an extraordinary woman.

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