Weak Links

He analyzed social networks in a general context, and observed that weak links also link network modules, a concept confirmed in many later studies. Finally, he came to the conclusion: “Weak ties play a role in effecting social cohesion ...

Weak Links

Author: Peter Csermely

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3540311572

Page: 392

View: 577

How can our societies be stabilized in a crisis? Why can we enjoy and understand Shakespeare? Why are fruitflies uniform? How do omnivorous eating habits aid our survival? What makes the Mona Lisa’s smile beautiful? How do women keep our social structures intact? – Could there possibly be a single answer to all these questions? This book shows that the statement: "weak links stabilize complex systems" provides the key to understanding each of these intriguing puzzles, and many more besides. The author, a recipient of several distinguished science communication prizes, explains weak or low probability interactions, and uses them as connecting threads in a vast variety of networks from proteins to ecosystems. This unique book and the ideas it develops will have a significant impact on diverse, seemingly unrelated fields of study.

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