Working Time

This applies to collective reductions in working time as much as to individual reductions through part-time working. Thirty years ago, discussions of cuts in working time generally focused only on the reduction of the standard working ...

Working Time

Author: Deborah M. Figart

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134585527

Page: 288

View: 695

Working time is a crucial issue for both research and public policy. This book presents the first comprehensive analysis of both paid and unpaid work time, integrating a unique discussion of overwork, underwork, shortening of the working week, and flexible work practices. Time at work is affected by a complex web of evolving culture and social relations, as well as market, technological, and macroeconomic forces, and institutions such as collective bargaining and government policy. Using a variety of new data sources, the authors review the latest trends on working time in numerous countries.

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